Ecco la Pasta

Ecco La Pasta Specialty Flour
is designed to make fresh homemade
pasta and gnocchi as easy as 1,2,3.

All you need to do is Just Add Water
for the perfect dough every time.

Pasta Flour
Gnocchi Flour
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"Hi.  Just wanted to tell you that I tried your regular gnocchi today and they were delicious.  I've never made any kind of gnocchi and it was really easy.  My husband loved them, and him being Italian and his grandmother making fresh gnocchi and every other Italian dish all the time, this was a great compliment"  - Anne Carloni  2/20/05

Ecco La Pasta is where hands, eyes, and appetite all meet to create a true Italian experience. Grandma's tales of making the freshest pasta and gnocchi don't have to be just stories any more. We blend only the finest products to produce our specialty flour. Our Pasta flour is easy to make by hand and perfect to use with any pasta machines like Kitchen Aid, Atlas, or Villaware. Hand made gnocchi, using our Ecco La Pasta gnocchi flour, consistently makes perfectly light toothsome pillows of potato like Grandma used to make from scratch but... without the mess.
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Ecco La pasta is a product line of RP's Pasta Company.
1133 East Wilson St
Madison, WI 53703